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Nutrition Coaching


*Min. 3 Month Commitment
Comes with member access to website

Certified as a:

- Precision Nutrition Coach (PN1)

- Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ACE)
- Weight Management Specialist (ACE)

I believe that nutrition coaching is about 4 things:

  1. Meeting people where they are at in life. Together we will discover and establish a healthy lifestyle.

  2. Helping them change through small, attainable lifestyle habits.

  3. Guiding them to take meaningful action on their own behalf. YOU make the choices, this is your life, your journey.

  4. Building a healthy coaching relationship that makes the first two things possible.

There are 9 Skills that we will work on together to create an overall healthy lifestyle that is perfectly suited for your personal goals and objectives.

  1. Plan & Prioritize.

  2. Regulating Eating Behaviors.

  3. Match Eating Intake to Your Goals & Activity Levels.

  4. Choose "Whole", Non Processed Foods more Often.

  5. Understand the Role of Macro & Micronutrients.

  6. Be Active - Doing What Makes YOU Happy.

  7. Recovery - Sleep and Active Recovery.

  8. Create a Supportive Environment - at Home and Work.

  9. Understand how to deal with Emotions without using Food

Overall Steps –


Step 1 – Build relationship, trust, report, and communication. I am part of YOUR team, always working together to accomplish the next goal. There will be no judgement, only teamwork.


  • Complete Initial Assessment Form


Step 2 - 5 S’s

  • Strategic – address the biggest thing stopping or preventing progress.

  • Simple – non intimidating, client should be <90% sure they can achieve the next step.

  • Segmental – Part of the larger process or goals that work together with manageable steps.

  • Sequential – Introduce the next steps at the right time, and in the right order.

  • Supported – Mentor you as a client and hold you accountable.


You, as the client will choose what step comes next after talking it through. This is YOUR journey, you dictate where it goes with my support and expertise to guide you along the way.


Step 3

  • Hand out and use any necessary forms or worksheets to gather any addition information.

  • Create an overall game plan with your input on what the overall process is going to look like and break it down into smaller steps (see simple and segmental above).

  • Have clear, outline goals with full understanding of what success looks or feels like to you - this is NOT all about the scale.

  • Use a multitude of tools to track progress – how your feeling, measurements, scale weight, etc. We use A LOT of non-scale victories!

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