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Over the next 8 weeks we are going to focus on your overall health and wellness. You will set goals, have weekly topics (Exercise, Nutrition, Mental Health, etc.) with side challenges, and hopefully find new skills that stick with you forever. You’ll notice that some of the weekly topics will be similar to another week’s side challenge. The idea of this is to get you using these skills more often, not just trying them for a week and never doing it again.


One thing that we are going to point out right away and reiterate a couple times throughout the challenge – this is not about drastically changing your lifestyle overnight and doing a crash diet to lose 15 pounds over 8 weeks and then put on 20 pounds in the following 8 weeks because you learned nothing. The purpose of this challenge is to get you thinking about your wellness and what areas can be improved, help you develop positive, healthy habits that fit into your current lifestyle and last a lifetime.

8-Week Transformation Challenge