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Over the next 9 weeks we are going to break down various skills (learned through my accrediting body – Precision Nutrition) I teach my nutrition clients that lead to better overall nutritional habits and put you in charge of your nutrition once and for all. The skills that we will cover in the program include: Planning & Prioritizing, Choosing Non-Processed Foods, Creating Supportive Environments & More – see FAQs for full list.


Each week we are going to break the particular skill down into smaller, more manageable pieces and give you tips/tricks to help improve these skills. Some skills you may already possess (great! Keep doing what you’re doing), while others are going to take practice and require you to be more mindful about your emotions and actions.


As with all aspects of Nutrition, you need to find a way to personalize it for yourself, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What works best for me, may not work best for you. My high vs low skill areas may be the exact opposite of yours. Try your best to find those tips and tricks that resonate with you. Never be afraid to experiment and allow yourself to fail from time to time. As long as you learn, it’s not truly a failure, it’s a learning experience.


Where appropriate, I’ll provide you with recipes, infographics and whatever else I can to help you learn and eventually master these skills.

9 Skills in Action

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