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Program Overview & Objectives:

– Program Length = 15 Weeks.

– General Outline: Warm Up, Strength Sets, Volume Sets, Drop Sets, Finisher WOD, Stretching.

– Primary Goals:

– Increase Strength: Squats & RDLs.

                – Specific %'s will be listed with the Sets x Reps.

– Increase Size in your Legs: Glutes, Quads, Hamstrings, and Calves.

                – Increase Muscular & Cardiovascular Endurance (with Finisher WODs) .

                – Specific Sets x Reps and Rest periods will be listed.


Program Notes:
– This program is designed with the goals/objectives listed above in mind. However, being as I did not create this program SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU, I like to give options in your workouts (suggested WODs). This will account for some personal changes, such as what you are capable of, mobility, etc.

– Strength Series are listed with the goal of the specific percentage listed.

– If you do not know your 1 Rep Max (1RM) for Squats or RDLs, test them on separate days when you feel good, rested, and strong.

– The listed percentages may be difficult to achieve (the final set should be very difficult), you can use these more as guidelines. Take 5-10% or 10 lbs off from the listed weight if needed.

– Always keep your form as your highest priority. It’s always better to decrease the weight and maintain your form rather than risk injury.

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