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– A perfect program for athletes and those looking to increase their strength and power!


– As the title states, this program is going to focus on a “Load and Explode” concept. Think about setting a strength movement with a power movement – Split Squats and Slams, Bridges and Box Jumps, etc.


– A main goal of this program is to simultaneously increase your Unilateral Strength and Power output! Especially within your Legs and Core.


– This program will also help: increase cardiovascular and muscular endurance, and improve your flexibility particularly within your hips, shoulders, and thoracic spine


.– Program Length = 12 Weeks. Two cycles that are 5 weeks long, followed by a deload week.


– 5 Workouts per Week.

   – 3 Workout Days.
   – 2 Cardio Days.
   – 5 Mobility WODs.


– General Outline: Warm Up, Pre-Hab, Load & Explode Concept, Core WOD, Sprints, and Mobility.

Load & Explode