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This is not a "quick fix" or false promise program. Having a healthy lifestyle is about developing quality and repeatable habits that fit into your specific and ideal life. This 4-Week program is designed to be an amazing steppingstone in your overall health and fitness journey. We will focus on creating sustainable healthy HABITS that YOU CHOOSE while accomplishing repeatable daily and weekly tasks.

Each week you will have the same 10 tasks ranging from exercise, nutrition, sleep, and overall wellness. You earn 1 point for every task you completed that day – total of 10 possible points each day. You’ll use the tracking guides below to tally up your scores and help you stay focused and accountable.

Every 2 weeks you will pick a main Goal, and every week you’ll pick an Action (both of your choosing) to focus on, all while still trying to complete the 10 daily tasks. These goals can specifically be one of the 10 already being asked, or you can add to them, or create your own.


Remember that it takes longer than 4 weeks to truly develop new habits and see long, lasting results. The goal of this is to get you focused on specific actions and identify areas where you can improve your health and fitness. Use this as a launching point to learn quality habits and continue to change and alter as your health and fitness improves.

Move & Improve - 4 Week Challenge

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