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About the Program


  • 5 Days of PreHabilitation and Mobility work, roughly 20 Minutes each day.
  • Through this 20minute program we will develop a solid foundation for the remainder of your workouts. We will work on increasing your strength, stability, and range of motion throughout the entire body with an extra emphasis on ball-in-socket joints (hips and shoulders) and the thoracic spine.
  • Daily Outline:
    • Dynamic Warm Up
    • Pre-Habilitation work (Pre-Hab)
    • Mobility


  • This program is designed with the goals/objectives listed above in mind. However, I did not create this program SPECIFICALLY FOR YOU – If you cannot perform a certain movement as listed or it causes pain, please switch to another movement that you can do properly and without pain.


*Make sure to keep your form as your highest priority. Never sacrifice form for going faster, etc.*

Prehab & Mobility - 5 Day

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