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**This program can be done as an individual, but it's highly recommended to do it in a group setting. There is more accountability and recipe sharing this way.



The goal of this program is to get you to notice the quantity and variety of fruits and vegetables you consume and ensure they come from a broad spectrum of colors. More variety means, more flavor, more nutrients, and equals better health.


Each week will have a: goal, micronutrient spotlight, an opportunity for everyone to share, and include at least 3 recipes (with the exception of Week 1, 18 total recipes). In Weeks 1-2 we will look at how many fruits and vegetables you eat in a typical week and the different ways to prep and incorporate them into our diet. Weeks 3-5 will focus on eating fruits and veggies from a variety of colors, and in Week 6 we will put it all together – consuming enough while reaching for the rainbow.


Eating from the rainbow ensures that we are getting a wide variety of nutrients that are key to our overall health and wellness. Find specific recipes or ways you enjoy fruits and vegetables and do your best to incorporate more of them into your everyday life. As always – Reach for the Rainbow!


*Note – Encourage everyone to share their favorite recipe(s) every week, this way everyone will have the 18 from this program, and the ones that everyone else shares. This will also help everyone engage more and feel like more of a community. Other members can be a great source of motivation, use that to your advantage!

Reach for the Rainbow