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If you play an explosive sport such as basketball, volleyball or ultimate frisbee. This program is for you. This program was specifically designed to help these types of athletes make the most of their strength, speed and explosiveness while keeping your body healthy during the season.


– Length = 15 Weeks. Three series that are 4 weeks long, followed by a deload week.

– 3 Workouts per Week – all total body.

– The emphasis behind this program is to increase your unilateral strength, speed, overall stamina and force you to improve upon your (potential and probable) weaknesses.

– Develop Speed & Power through: Cone, Ladder, Speed, and Plyometric Drills.

– Unilateral Strength: Legs & Shoulders.

– Daily Outline: Unilateral Strength, Speed Drill, Plyo Drill, WOD, and Stretching.

Sport Speed & Power

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