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Sample Recipes

Chocolate Raspberry

Oats - 1/2 cup

Unsweetened Almond Milk - 1/2 cup

Cinnamon - 1 tbsp

PB Powder - 1 tbsp

FNX Chocolate Protein - 1 scoop

Raspberries - 1/4 cup

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder - 1 tsp

Mix together & place in refrigerator over night. 

*I personally put the fruit in the morning of

Calories - 339, Protein - 34g, Carbs - 38g, Fat - 7g

Overnight Oats - Chocolate Raspberry (ed

Black Bean Brownie Dip

Black Beans (no salt added) - 1 Container

Coconut Oil (melted) - 1 Tbsp

Maple Syrup - 4 Tbsp

Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp

Baking Cocoa (Aldi) - 2 Tbsp

Brownie Batter Protein (FNX) - 1 Scoop

*Makes 6 servings

1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth - top with additional toppings such as: choc. chips, coconut flakes, nuts, etc.

Calories - 134, Protein - 19g, Carbs - 14g, Fat - 1g

*Macros do not include additional toppings

Black Bean Brownie Dip (edited).jpg

Sweet Mint Protein Shake

Unsweetened Almond Milk - 1 cup

FNX Mint Choc Truffle Protein - 1 scoop

Mint leaves - to your taste

Pineapple - 1/2 cup

Unsweetened Coconut Flakes - 1/8 cup

Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp

Agave - 1 tbsp

Calories - 322, Protein - 24g, Carbs - 36g, Fat - 10g

Sweet Mint Protein Shake (edited).jpg

Kicking Ranch Chicken Strips

Chicken - 2 lbs

Sriracha - 2 tbsp (or to taste)

Olive Oil - 1 tbsp

Lime Juice - 2 tsp

Ranch Seasoning Packet - 2

*Makes 6 servings

1. In a bowl mix: Sriracha, Olive Oil and Lime Juice

2. Cut Chicken into strips and toss with mixture

3. Add Ranch packet and mix evenly

4. Bake for about 20-25 min @ 375

Calories - 181, Protein - 29g, Carbs - 3g, Fat - 5g

Kicking Ranch Chicken Strips (edited).jp

Greek Lamb Burger

Ground Lamb (lean) - 1 lb

Seasonings of choice (onion, garlic, oregano, mint, etc)

Multigrain Sandwich Bun (Ozery Family bakery) - 1

Beefsteak Tomato - 50g

Cucumber - 10g

Red Onion - 20g

Tzatziki Greek Yogurt Dip (Opaa) - 1 Tbsp

Crumbled Feta Cheese (Hyvee) - 1/2 oz

*Makes 4 servings

1. In a bowl, combine Lamb and Spices.

2. Form into 4 burger patties (1/4 lb each)

3. Grill or cook in Cast Iron Skillet until desired "doneness"

4. Spread Tzatziki on Bun, add Burger and remaining ingredients

Calories - 287, Protein - 24g, Carbs - 10g, Fat - 16g

Greek Lamb Burger (edited).jpg

Chocolate Chip Mint

Truffle Cookie Dough

FNX Refuel Mint Chocolate Truffle - 2 scoops

Coconut Flour - 1 tsp

Almond Flour - 1 tsp

PB Powder - 3 tbsp

Unsweetened Almond Milk - 1/4 cup

Pure Maple Syrup (Wagner's) - 1 tsp

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips - 1 tbsp

*Makes 12 Balls

Calories - 27, Protein - 3g, Carbs - 2g, Fat - 1g

Chocolate Chip Mint Truffle Cookie Dough

Blueberry Muffins

Blueberry Protein (FNX) - 1 scoop

Kodiak Cinnamon Oat Cake Mix - 1 Cup

PB Fit (Better Body) - 4 Tbsp

Cinnamon - 1 tsp

Baking Soda - 1 tsp

Banana (mashed) - 100g

Vanilla Extract - 1 tsp

Egg (large) - 1

Unsweetened Almond Milk (Silk) - 1/2 cup

Blueberries - 75g

Chocolate Chips (Meijer) - 15g

*Makes 10 servings

1. Mix: Protein Powder, Kodiak Cake, Cinnamon, Baking Soda

2. In another bowl, mix: Mashed Banana, Vanilla, Egg, Almond Milk

3. Mix the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients, then add Reese's Chips and stir again

4. Spray a muffin tin with cooking spray (very generously)

5. Evenly spread batter into 10 muffins spaces (there will be 2 open spots). Spots should be about 2/3 - 3/4 full (do not over fill)

6. Bake @ 350 for about 15 min (check at 12 min mark)

Blueberry Muffins (edited).jpg

Calories - 107, Protein - 8g, Carbs - 15g, Fat - 2g

Example - Healthy Grocery Shopping

Healthy Grocery Shopping Items



Peppers (Green, Yellow, Orange)

Sweet Potatoes

Medley Mix

Black Berries


Bolt House


Almond Milk


Greek Yogurt

Meat:                           Misc:

Chicken                       O.J.

Shrimp                         Huberts Lemonade

Ground Turkey

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Clean Eating Grocery List - Eating clean is essential for proper health. Add some of these to your list then next time you head to the grocery store.

Budget Bytes - Budget Bytes not only gives you awesome recipes, it also breaks down the cost as a total & per serving. A great tool for shopping on a budget.

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